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Will you love the crew with me?

What what

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Don’t wish death on your enemies. Wish geese on them. Wish thousands of geese into their life. Geese in their yard. Geese in their car. Geese in their workplace. Geese in their bed. Tiny geese in their hair. Geese in their food. JPEGs of angry geese overtaking their computer. Turn their whole family into geese. Awful hissy mean geese everywhere. A fate worse than death.

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me accepting compliments

  • "omg thank you"
  • "aw thank you"
  • "omg ily"
  • "ily omg"
  • "aw thank you omg ily"

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I just want to stay at home I don’t want to go back to school ever.

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I can’t wait until I have enough money to get a tattoo on the front of my thigh because then I’ll be able to take pictures of it in the bathtub and start drinking tea and date a boring guy with a big beard who loves seven inch records and ignores my needs. 

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Anonymous: Who are some of your fav blogs/people on tumble? 


That’s a long list

Me. That’s it jkjk

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Rough rough rough, ppl shud luv me.

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